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 Baptismal service in Botswana, Africa. Visit their web page by clicking on the picture. 


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Belize was formerly known as British Honduras. It lies on the Caribbean, just south of Mexico. *At this time there are 11 ministers and 26 UPC churches in Belize. The Sawyers are the only UPC missionaries to Belize.

Check out the web site of Jerry and Brenda Sawyer, Missionaries to Belize.




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Brother Ray Wey has a thriving church in Mannheim, Germany. Services are in both the English and German language, as it is really an international church that ministers to all. Their website is also in the German language, as well as English. Visit the website of the UPC in Mannheim, West Germany.



Brother Leow, now Superintendent in Malaysia, received the Holy Ghost in 1977 under the ministry of Dale & Josephine Starks in Germany. He was trained in their Bible School in Stuttgart, and also assisted in teaching classes. He returned home in December, 1978, as the first Malaysian to preach the apostolic message in his country.

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The Main Web Site of the United Pentecostal Churches in Mexico


*Lynne Jewett sold almost all of her earthly possessions to help finance her AIM tours in Guatemala and Mexico. She has no regrets. She received her missionary appointment to Mexico in September, 1996. In Mexico there are now 231 ministers and 234 UPC churches at the present.

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Brother & Sister Stephen Nix were appointed as missionaries to Argentina in 1985. In 1996 their appointment was changed to Nicaragua, arriving in June. In Nicaragua there are now 263 UPC churches and preaching points, and 98 licensed ministers.
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 Worshippers in Papua, New Guinea. Click on the picture to enter their web site.